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Huge Collectoin of 48 Different Simpsons Playmates figures

From Our Private Collection Comes a rare and hard to find vintage 1999 Playmates Simpsons Huge Collection of 48 Different figures with there Accessories and 16 Different Playsets each with an Exclusive figure only available with that playset that is a total of 66 figures and 16 playsets for a total of 82 items (this count does not include all the accessories that come with this collection, that would put the count at well over 200 different pieces in this collection) that comes to about $15 Per

The Following figures are included and pictured what you see is what you get

Series 3
Bart Simpson (Kamp Krusty)

Series 5
Bumblebee Man
Sideshow Mel
Kent Brockman

Series 6
Bleeding Gums Murphy
Dr. Hibbert
Professor Frink

Series 7
Officer Lou
Edna Krabapple

Series 8
Bart Simpson (Daredevil)
Sherri and Terri
Ragin" Willie
Superintendent Chalmers

Series 9
Disco Stu
Grampa Simpson (Sunday's Best)
Lisa Simpson (Sunday's Best)
Krusty (Prison)
Rod & Todd Flanders

Series 10
Dr. Marvin Monroe
Flanders (Scout Leader)
Smithers (Resort)

Series 11
Blue Haired Lawyer
Kirk Van Houten
Larry Burns
Plow King Barney
Rainier Wolfcastle

Series 12
Luann Van Houten
Number One
Mr. Plow Homer

Series 13
Freddy Quimby
Helen Lovejoy
Tuxedo Krusty
Princess Kashmir
Stephen Hawking

Series 14
Miss Hoover
Ms. Botz
Sarcastic Man

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Image 1 of Huge Collectoin of 48 Different Simpsons Playmates figures

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